Getting Mental Health in Sales Right – Episode 1

Every salesperson probably has at least one nightmare Mental Health story from working in sales.

These are important stories to share, because they build compassion for each other, but they are missing an important part of the puzzle.

A solution.

We need to hear more stories about GETTING IT RIGHT.

Times when our Mental Health was suffering and our workplace, leaders and/or peers did the right things to support us so we could recover.

If you are a leader – this can also be stories from your perspective and how you supported your team with their Mental Health after a tough quarter or negative experience.

It’s within these stories where we can find answers to what workplaces and leaders can start doing tomorrow that actually WORKED.

Behaviours that will improve the Mental Health of their sales teams and salespeople.

Story of the Week – Submitted by Jackie Clark

“My dad currently has cancer after surviving another health crisis almost ten years prior.

Its hard watching the strongest person you know begin to stagger.

When I heard the details of his next procedure broken down for me, it became really hard to process.

The first person I finally opened up to was my regional manager that I am paired up with. He’s been a godsend in reminding me to take time off for myself and to focus on family first.

From his encouragement I’ve sought out a coach to help me process what is going on so I don’t have this all weighing me down.

The day I was scheduled to have my first session I landed two back to back meetings.

Maybe it was luck, maybe it was knowing I was going to get help that boosted me up, but I’m eternally grateful to my colleague for his grace and understanding.”

Key Learning:

The strength of the relationship between an individual rep and their sales manager is one of the most important drivers of success and positive Mental Health in sales.

Sales leaders who invest time into building trust and genuine relationships with their team will win.

Leadership doesn’t mean having all of the answers.

It means caring about the person who works for you.

Being resourceful when they don’t have the energy or Mental capacity to find the right answers themselves.

It means supporting them on their darkest and most stressful days.

And understanding that hitting Sales target and work will not always be the #1 priority for people.

That’s ok.

When it’s all said and done and you’re at the end of your career what will matter most is your character, the people you’ve helped and the relationships you’ve built.

Because that’s how you will be remembered.

That will be your legacy.

Tell Your Story

If you have a story about a time when you were struggling with your Mental Health and you found support in your workplace we’d love for you to share!

Your story can help create hope for people in toxic environments and provide direction on how we can improve workplace Mental Health together.

To submit your story please click on the button below.

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