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Praise For Stress Less, Sell More

“Finally a resource for salespeople and sales leaders that covers all the OTHER things needed to BE successful. Most sales books are about what to do to close, this book is covering all the things you need to do in order to BE a world class sales person and leader. As TFOMSL I believe every leaders should not only read this book but implement as many of the tactics as possible.”

Kevin DorseyKevin DorseyThe Father Of Modern Sales Leadership (TFOMSL)

“FINALLY, a book that speaks to the power of the human condition in sales and showing up for ourselves, our people, and each other to still achieve exceptional results with our buyers. Jeff has done an exceptional job of providing a meaningful framework backed by science while making it easy to read and actionable all at the same time. This quickly made its way to my “must read” list and will be something I reference often. It’s a critical topic, and it’s that good to boot!”

Amy VolasAmy VolasFounder, Avenue Talent Partners

“Jeff has not only put a microscope on the endemic holding back sellers and sales teams, but provided the antidote with daily learning you can easily implement that will lead to better Mental Health and stronger sales performance. Stress Less, Sell More is essential reading for today’s seller and sales leader.”

Brandon FluhartyBrandon FluhartyFounder, Be Focused. Live Great

“No one understands the impact stress is having on modern sellers better than Jeff. In Stress Less, Sell More: Jeff has created a detailed and eminently practical operating system for sellers to use to manage the inevitable pressures and stress of selling and take charge of their mental and physical well-being.”

Andy PaulAndy PaulAuthor of Sell Without Selling Out

“This book contains all the thoughts salespeople have had for decades and never been able to discuss.”

Richard HarrisRichard HarrisFounder, Harris Consulting Group
Stress less sell more

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