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Meditated for 10 minutes
Drank at least 80 ounces of water
Went for a walk or spent time in nature
Ate a healthy meal or salad
Took a break every 90 minutes
Improved - read a book, listened to a podcast.
Avoided caffeine after 1pm
Made a to-do list and planned for tomorrow
Exercised for +30 minutes
Practiced breathwork for 15 minutes
Took a nap
No screens 1 hour before bed
Got 8 hours of sleep
10 minutes of morning sunlight
Stretched or did a yoga class
Spent less than 30 minutes on social media
Completed most important task
No alcohol or drugs
Connected with a friend or loved one
Did a hobby or played for +30 minutes
Intermittent fasted
Dry sauna for 20 minutes
Wrote in a journal
Had a cold shower or cold bath
Practiced gratitude

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