Two important questions you likely want the answers to in sales🤔:

  1. Am I losing deals and commission because of high stress and burnout?
  2. How much potential revenue is being left on the table?

The answers are likely yes - and probably a lot.

But to help you find out for sure 👇

I'm sharing two free resources with you:

  • Burnout & Mental Performance Calculator 🧠
  • Lost Revenue Calculator 📉

Simply take the 2-minute assessment...

And plug your own sales metrics into a calculator...

And find out exactly how your mental performance is doing and how much revenue your team is leaving on the table. 💰💰💰

Inside you'll also learn how you can improve your mental performance and earn more in sales. 🎯

"I had no idea I was struggling this much until I started answering these questions - thank you." Eric, AE at Salesforce