Podcast: Perseverance in Sales

Sales is a game of mental toughness – and in this podcast we look at ways to improve our personal why so we build resilience in sales.

Corporate Sales Athlete

The Corporate Sales Athlete

Salespeople need to think of themselves as a “corporate sales athlete” and learn ways to prioritize their physical and mental health by 1%.

overcoming anxiety

Podcast: Overcoming Anxiety in Sales

Anxiety in sales is not optional – it’s part of everyday life. That’s why overcoming anxiety in sales can be a secret weapon to sales success.

five dysfunctions

Five Dysfunctions Of Mental Health

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni can also be the Five Dysfunctions of Mental Health. How are they impacting you in sales?

sales enablement

The Sales Enablement Of Well-Being

The Sales Enablement of Well-Being helps sales teams close more sales by improving Mental Health and Well-Being in sales reps Learn how.

smart goals

SMART Goals & Mental Health in Sales

Setting SMART goals in sales plays an important role in protecting Mental Health and peak performance. We can all learn from Homer Simpson.

emotional rollercoaster

The Emotional Rollercoaster In Sales

Riding the emotional rollercoaster in sales can negatively impact our mental health and performance. Emotional literacy can improve this.

Closing a Sale

Why Closing A Sale Makes You Anxious

Closing a sale can often make us feel extremely anxious. We need to learn how to capitalize on these events to improve sales mental health.

become a ceo

How To Become A CEO in Sales

When you become a CEO – Chief Energy Officer – in sales you set yourself up to protect your Mental Health and perform at a high level.

micromanagement in sales

How to Stop Micromanagement in Sales

In a recent survey 50% of salespeople listed micromanagement in sales as the primary thing that impacts Mental Health. Here is how to stop it.