Emotional Intelligence

My Emotional Intelligence Playbook

I view happiness as a skill that I can hone through emotional intelligence. Something all sellers could benefit from learning and practicing.

purpose at work

How To Find More Purpose At Work

Salespeople often need help finding more purpose at work because an environment rich in extrinsic motivators makes this difficult.

Mastering Sales Anxiety

How To Master Your Sales Anxiety

Sales anxiety has a tendency to derail salespeople before important calls, meetings and demos. Learn how you can master sales anxiety here.

failure burnout

How To Manage Failure In Sales

Salespeople need help learning how to manage failure in sales. This will help set them up for success and protect their Mental Health.

deliver bad news

How To Deliver Bad News In Sales

Delivering bad news is stressful. When salespeople learn how to deliver bad news effectively to clients, they can protect their Mental Health.

feeling stressed

Feeling Stressed In Sales? Try This.

Stress is common within sales. When you’re feeling stressed, try some of these strategies rooted in neuroscience to help feel more calm.