Are you looking for a quick and easy way to feel less stressed in sales? You’re not alone because we recently uncovered that 79% of sales people described their stress levels as stressed or highly stressed.

With sales targets looming over our heads, pressure to close more sales and client issues putting us on our back foot; it’s extremely easy to feel overwhelmed in sales on a regular basis. When this happens it can make it challenging to do our best work in sales.

To help you I’ve created a video in which I share with you a simple breathing exercise from my favorite meditation tool to help you find relief wherever you are. All you need is 90 seconds to help reset your mind and body for better performance on your next call.


Feel Less Stressed In Sales (90 Second Exercise)

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About The Author

mental health advocate Jeff Riseley

Jeff Riseley is currently the Founder of the Sales Health Alliance and Mental Health Advocate. With over a decade of sales experience – Jeff understands the importance of Mental Health in achieving peak sales performance.

Jeff combines his sales and Mental Health expertise to improve sales performance through mental health best practices. His strategies have helped sales teams become more motivated, resilient and better equipped to tackle stressful events within sales.


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