Video: Missing Sales Target During COVID-19

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COVID-19 is impacting global economies around the world. Sales teams need to have a plan to miss target and protect Mental Health.

Survey research done by the Sales Health Alliance found that over 40% of salespeople listed Missing Target as one of the events in sales that impact their Mental Health the most.

Why might this be?

One study showed that the amount of effort individuals put into completing a task/problem seemed to modulate the intensity of their responses.

In other words – the harder a salesperson works for their target, the greater their response will be to Hitting & Missing. This explains the complete euphoria salespeople feel when they hit a challenging sales target. And the soul crushing failure when they come up short.

In this video Sara Marie Clark interviews Jeff Riseley, Founder of Sales Health Alliance, to discuss the importance of having a plan for missing target and what you can do to respond to the event in a mentally healthy way.

To connect with Sara Marie on creative branding opportunities, reach out to her on LinkedIn. To work with her please visit Sarah Marie Solutions. Thank you Sara Marie for helping to spread the awareness around Mental Health in sales.


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