We’ve launched our first free E-Book to help sales teams have more positive conversations around Mental Health in Sales.

When trying to start something new and form a new habit the key to success is consistency. National Mental Health days and Awareness weeks are great; but they leave most sales teams unsure of what to do next.

Here is your next step.

Whether you’re an individual contributor or sales leader, this book is for you. We all face negative experiences within the workplace on a daily basis. It’s how you and the sales team navigate them on a consistent basis that makes a high performing team.

The E-Book offers 40 thoughts, tips and ideas to talk about mental health as a sales team.

Each thought is broken down into a 1 day exercise that the group can work on together. At the end of the 40 days your sales team should feel more comfortable talking to each other about Mental Health.

You can also expect to build more trust among each other, become more resilient and better understand your own Mental Health.

Do you and your sales team dare take the 40 day challenge?

40 days of talking about mental health in sales #40daychallenge.

Download the e-book below and get started!

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Like the E-Book? Check out the Online Course:

Online Course – Improve Sales Performance Through Better Mental Health


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