Why Share Your Mental Health Story, Best Practice or Experience?

Mental Health is growing in popularity, because awareness campaigns have done an excellent job collecting data to highlight the importance of Mental Health in the workplace.

Within North America the commonly quoted statistic is 1 in 5 people will experience a psychological health problem in any given year. When the Sales Health Alliance did our own survey research we found this to be much higher within salespeople.

Our survey indicated over 2 in 5 (43%) salespeople struggle with their Mental Health.

In addition to the data highlighting the impact of Mental Health on our society, there is also endless research around the benefits of prioritizing a Mental Health solution in the workplace.

Workplaces that prioritize employee Mental Health and well-being will experience increased productivity, retention, happiness, performance and lower health costs.

Even though the case for prioritizing Mental Health solution as a business strategy could not be more clear – very few companies are moving quickly to action a solution.

Part of the reason is most people don’t like data. People like talking about data, but rarely does it drive behaviour change.

Share Your Mental Health Story

Stories Drives Change Through Emotion

What drives behaviour change is emotion.

Emotions that fuel our inner most desires and needs to feel wanted, safe, happy, in control and part of something bigger than themselves.

Mental Health still feels very scary to a lot of people and a lot of organizations. When we’re scared of something it’s easier to avoid it than approach it.

We can fight this fear with stories.

Stories are emotional and personal. They provide colour and feeling to the cold and logical data. They give people the motivation, compassion and encouragement to think:

“You know what… I can do this…”


“It feels good to not feel alone and to know others are struggling.”

So if you have a Mental Health story to share, we’d love to capture it and share it with our community. It can be anonymous or if you want your name to be included, we can tag you in the post.

Stories can be about anything:

  • Negative Mental Health experiences you’ve faced while working in sales.
  • Best practices for navigating stressful situations in sales like a deal falling through or missing target.
  • Daily self-care routines that help you become resilient and remain Mentally Healthy.
  • Positive experiences where you have been struggling and your workplace, colleague or peer supported you in your recovery.

If you have a Mental Health story to share, please click button below. It will redirect you to a Google Form to fill out. From there we’ll create a post to share with the community online.

Share Your Mental Health Story



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