Mental Health Podcast Topic: Sales Mental Health and Managing Stress in Sales.

A few months ago I was invited onto Kevin Dorsey’s Live Better, Sell Better podcast to provide tactical strategies on improving Mental Health in sales.

If you aren’t following Kevin Dorsey (KD) on LinkedIn you’re missing out on some of the best sales content out there today. He provides personal, tried and tested methods to lead sales teams to their full potential. The best part about his content is the advice he provides is immediately actionable.

His podcast is no different.

Yes – WHY mental health in sales is important, but KD is more focused on tactical strategies on what sales leaders and sales reps can do right NOW, to manage stress and improve their Mental Health.

The HOW behind Mental Health in Sales.

KD didn’t let me get away with any fluffy answers. Hopefully you’ll find immediately actionable strategies in this Mental Health podcast version of his usually sales focused podcast.

Questions Kevin Dorsey and I cover in this Sales Mental Health Podcast:

  1. Why do so many salespeople struggle with mental health.
  2. Why do don’t more salespeople and leaders talk about it?
  3. What is the impact of all this? How widespread is the problem?
  4. What are things that reps can do themselves to start taking better care of themselves?
  5. What are things that LEADERS can do to help take care of their teams mental health?

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I also highly recommend checking out KD’s patreon account as it has some of the best sales resources I’ve ever come across.

About The Author

mental health advocate Jeff Riseley

Jeff Riseley is currently the Founder of the Sales Health Alliance and Mental Health Advocate. With over a decade of sales experience – Jeff understands the importance of Mental Health in achieving peak sales performance.

Jeff combines his sales (Sales Knowledge Institute) and Mental Health expertise to improve sales performance through a mix of sales mentorship and mental health best practices. His strategies have helped sales teams improve their sales process, while helping them become more motivated, resilient and better equipped to tackle stressful events within sales.

He is currently delivering these strategies through on-site workshops, coaching and speaking engagements. To explore working with Jeff contact him at [email protected]


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