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Why Care About Mental Health in Sales?

Missing target, micro-management, working with demotivated salespeople, rejection…

The sales environment can make it extremely difficult for salespeople to maintain a state of well-being and happiness where they’re thriving inside and and outside of the workplace.

Our recent survey confirmed this, by identifying that 43% of salespeople struggle with their Mental Health.

Data from the World Health Organization shows every $1 invested into treatment for common mental health disorders (anxiety, depression, burnout, etc), there is a $4 return in improved health and productivity.

In short – the opportunity for greater sales performance through better Mental Health is massive.

Without effective strategies to manage burnout and protect mental health, downward spirals make it hard for salespeople to show-up and sell – let alone get out of bed.

Progressive salespeople, their peers in other departments, teams and leaders recognize the need to face workplace Mental Health stigma head on.

Employers are ready to take action in the workplace. Salespeople want the greenlight to be vulnerable and talk openly about Mental Health, without it having an impact on their career trajectory.

Each group needs more training that teaches them how to build resilience and take care of themselves, but also to notice and support others that are struggling.

Mission & Services

The Sales Health Alliance is building an alliance of salespeople, sales leaders, mental health experts and technology providers committed to creating awareness around Mental Health in sales.

Through our core service offerings…

The Sales Health Alliance helps sales teams develop their EQ and build resilience to stressful experiences that arise while working in sales.

In doing so sales teams will experience better engagement, productivity, retention, well-being and overall Mental Health to help them meet the demands of the modern workplace.

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