Why Care About Mental Health in Sales?

Salespeople are NOT numbers on a dashboard nor parts in a sales machine. They are the corporate athletes of an organization that need to show up and compete to win every single day.

Without proper Mental Health, Resilience and Stress-Management tools to help them deal with unique stressors in sales like missing target, lost deals and rejection…

Their sales performance will suffer.

Companies have been neglecting this conversation for too long and we’ve seen this in our most recent survey that confirmed 58% of salespeople are currently struggling with their Mental Health.

For a sales industry that prides itself on optimal performance; today’s sales organizations need to invest into optimal mental performance best practices. Sales is primarily a mental game and deprioritizing the Mental Health conversation means stress, anxiety, burnout and depression are ravaging sales teams globally.

What’s the ROI of investing into Mental Health?

Data from the World Health Organization shows every $1 invested into treatment for common mental health disorders (anxiety, depression, burnout, etc), there is a $4 return in improved health and productivity. Some of our data is showing similar results.

Our workshops, training programs, books and products equip salespeople with the strategies they need to navigate unique stressors in sales in a mentally healthy way.

We teach salespeople how to improve their Mental Health, build resilience and offload stress daily, so they can show up to perform their best every single day.

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