5-Week Program – Resilience, EQ & Mental Health Training

COVID-19 is having a real impact on Mental Health and sales team performance with 52% of salespeople describing their Mental Health as “Worse” now – compared to the 6 months before the pandemic. 

This 5-Week Program is designed to equip your sales team with the EQ, Resilience and Mental Health training they need to manage stress and perform during this pandemic.

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Individual Training & Sales Hires

Sales is a Contact Sport – this online program gives individual sales reps the helmets and pads they need to protect and level up their mental game.
This can also be the perfect addition to a new sales hire onboarding program. Every sales organization has product and sales training built into their onboarding process. What they’re missing is the EQ, Resilience and Mental Health training sales reps need before they enter the sales floor.

Sales Mental Health Kick-Off Session

In our survey research we found more than 2 in 5 salespeople struggled with their Mental Health in the last year.

This is the time for sales teams and organizations to start prioritizing Mental Health if they wish to perform at the highest level during these uncertain times. 

The Kick-Off Session (~60 min) is designed as an introduction to Mental Health in sales. It will help sales teams start what is often considered to be a challenging conversation to have on the sales-floor.

This is your first step to supporting your team during a pandemic and breaking the stigma around Mental Health in sales.

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All programs are currently delivered by Jeff Riseley – Founder of the Sales Health Alliance. Feel free to contact him directly at [email protected]

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