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1 - Stress Less, Sell More Masterclass

This online program is for sellers and sales leaders. It provides a unique blend of mental health, resilience, mindset and stress-management strategies that help sellers achieve their targets without burning out.

Whether you're really struggling today or a top performer looking for an edge, this program is guaranteed to optimize your mental performance in sales.

2 - The "Wendy Rhoades" Program For Sales Teams

This program is built specifically to help maximize the mental performance of sales teams. Over the span of several weeks, we will use in-depth well-being data on sales teams to identify the major areas impacting team performance (i.e. sleep, food, mental health, company alignment, etc.)

Training sessions will then be custom built using this data to help resolve core issues leading to underperformance. If your sales team is stressed, missing target or inconsistent with their performance, this program will tell you why and how to fix these areas.

3 - Sales Mental Health Kick-Off Session (1hr)

New to Mental Health in sales and looking to jump start the conversation with your sales team? The Kick-Off session is designed as an introduction to Mental Health in sales for sales teams who are unsure about where to start.

Part of the session is custom built to answer top of mind questions like "How do I bounce back from rejection?" or "What should I do if I'm not motivated at the start of a new quarter?" with practical strategies sellers and leaders can use immediately.

4 - Managing Stress & Optimizing Sales Performance (90min)

Have a sales team that is overwhelmed, stressed, experiencing burnout and underperforming? Most sellers and sales leader don't realize that stress is not inherently bad. The right level of stress helps us perform our best and grow - while the wrong level of stress pushes us towards burnout.

Learn a complete toolkit that sellers and leaders can use to manage stress and achieve optimal performance each day.

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