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Explore our Partner page to connect with other companies who are committed to improving Mental Health in Sales and the workplace.

Our mission is to raise awareness of the many mental health challenges faced and how people have overcome them. Many people around us are suffering from challenges such as grief, depression, addiction, burnout, anxiety and PTS, yet they remain nameless and faceless.

Leon helps companies figure sh*t out when it comes to their employees’ happiness, well-being, and performance. Predictive burnout analytics for sales teams that help them perform better.

The Burnout Clinic is committed to the practice, education and providing of expert care for people who struggle with burnout to restore balance in their lives.

Avail is a SaaS based holistic well-being solution for organizations and their employees. Avail’s proactive, mobile-first, anytime platform uses clinical and behavioural data-driven insights to provide employees with personalized well-being profiles that are increasingly refined to reflect changes in well-being as circumstances change.

OnCall Health helps healthcare organizations launch and scale their own virtual care programs. Our software helps improve access to care and deliver better patient experiences with HIPAA and PIPEDA compliant online video and messaging appointments and booking.

Psych Hub is an online platform providing free, engaging videos about mental health, substance use, and suicide prevention. Psych Hub aims to be the trusted resource for consumers, family members, healthcare professionals and anyone else seeking best in class content on evidence-based behavioral health and substance use disorders.

Inkblot offers affordable, secure video counselling any time, any place. We connect clients with the most effective counselors based on their needs and preferences.