This online training was created to improve Mental Health in sales because anxiety in sales is not optional.

It’s part of everyday life.

This statement is even more true today, than it was prior to 2020 when things were “normal.”

Due to COVID-19, salespeople all over the world are experiencing higher levels of stress, change and uncertainty that is having a direct impact on their Mental Health. As a result their sales performance and well-being is suffering.

“We (like many I’m sure) are seeing members of our team struggle with working from home, going through a challenging time professionally with Sales cycles falling apart, and processing a growing list of major real-world issues occupying their head space.” – Director of Sales
That is literally a direct quote from an email we received from a Director of Sales, based in Toronto, who was looking for help.
In response to the challenges we’re all facing globally, the Sales Health Alliance has launched one of the first online courses to help Improve Sales Performance, Resilience & Well-Being Through Better Mental Health.
This course will turn your salespeople into corporate athletes who know how to use stress to their advantage so they can reach peak levels of sales performance.

Why Mental Health in Sales?

Almost 3 in 5 salespeople struggle with their Mental Health (58%). This online course supports sales teams and individuals in the following areas.

  • Build awareness around the importance of Mental Health in sales. How can you improve your Mental Health to achieve peak performance and well-being.
  • Learn to identify sales burnout and declining Mental Health in yourself and in your team.
  • Understand how anxiety works. What can you do to start an upward spiral to become less anxious.
  • Learn best practices for building resilience to stressful trigger events you face in sales that can impact your Mental Health.
  • Become a corporate sales athlete who uses stress to their advantage and can effectively Rest & Recover in sales.
  • Learn how to build good habits, develop EQ and craft mindsets that boost resilience and improve sales performance.
  • Achieve a happier, healthier and more successful career in sales.
To access the course click the button below.



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