When Sellers And Leaders Learn How To Stress LessThey Sell More.

That’s why we’ve put together a masterclass to help them avoid sales burnout, maximize mental performance and hit their sale target. By the end of this program you’ll have a complete toolkit of mental health, resilience, mindset and stress management strategies to help you show up in the high performance zone.

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What you’ll be learning

  •  Learn to effectively manage burnout.
  • Develop a resilient sales mindset.
  • Stop negative thinking in it’s tracks.
  • Find calm on the emotional sales rollercoaster.
  • Overcome the stress of starting back at zero.
  • Minimize the impact of failure and rejection.
  • Improve sleep and show up well rested.
  • Find more meaning and fulfillment in your role.
  • Set and enforce strong boundaries with work.

The skillset you wish you had earlier in your career

I wish I had when I was on the phones. Phenomenal. The course is super informative, provides some great frameworks for thinking about mental health and communicating, and it’s filled to the brim with actionable tips and tricks. The fact that it is tailored specifically for sales makes it so much more powerful. – Evan

Join the over 6,000 salespeople at companies like Outreach, Shopify, DELL and 6sense who are already using the Stress-Management, Resilience, Mindset and Mental Health Strategies included in this program to achieve sales target.



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