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Anxiety in Sales is NOT optional. It’s part of everyday life. Let’s fix this together. Consider joining the Private Community.

The Sales Health Alliance was born out of 2 very simple beliefs about sales:

  1. Sales can be extremely stressful. When you become anxious, depressed or burnout, your Mental Health declines. As a result, your performance and well-being suffers.
  2. You are not a number on a dashboard and you are not part of a machine. You are a Corporate Athlete and keeping your mind healthy will lead to greater success in sales.

If you share these beliefs you’re in the right spot.

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This Online Community was created to empower salespeople and leaders to reach peak levels of sales performance and well-being through better Mental Health.

When you join the online community you get access to exclusive content. This includes daily strategies to improve your mental health, archived podcasts and live peer-to-peer group calls. In addition to these benefits you also receive free access to the online course: Improve Sales Performance, Resilience, & Well-Being Through Better Mental Health. ($199 value)

The community helps fellow salespeople and sales leaders feel comfortable talking about Mental Health. It’s a place to share best practices to navigate stressful situations in a mentally healthy way.

The Mental Health stigma in sales is REAL. Let’s fight it together. Join the community below.

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