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“Impactful session for Sales Managers who are looking to keep mental health at the top of mind for their teams. The session was helpful to understand the psychology of how reps internalize / perceive negative situations within their daily duties, and how quickly a good day can turn bad if we let these negative inputs impact our mindset.”

Director of Sales, Indeed

“The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, especially the actionable pieces these reps can start doing right away. On the management side, this gave us a whole host of things to think about and discuss so we can approach our support and enablement in even better ways.”

Director of Training, Reveneer

“With Covid-19, Synapse recognized that our employees worked more and took less time off. In addition to launching “You Days”, a day where everyone at Synapse takes an entire day off together during a work week, we hired Jeff to lead a workshop on mental health. It fostered open collaboration and helped us break down the walls to have a healthier, happier work environment.”

CEO & Founder, Synapse


“This workshop was a great way to bring Mental Health awareness to the forefront. As salespeople, we often times are hyper focused on our sales targets that we forget to take a minute to reset. It’s important that salespeople understand the power of recharging, in order to further exceed your goals!“

Account Executive, Shopify


“Workshops like this are essential to ensure that Mental Health is kept top of mind by leaders and sales teams alike. Jeff does a great job at opening up the topic with flair and make us realize how managing our energy is really the key to being a top performer.”

Mid-Market Relationship Manager, LinkedIn


“I highly recommend Jeff’s session for all sales professionals and sales leaders. His work on mental health in the sales field is valuable information for everyone who is dealing with work stress in modern society. Jeff presented an articulate case for taking action to benefit our own mental health.”

Founder, Employee Experience Design

Online Course – Improve Sales Performance Through Better Mental Health

“Jeff is uncovering new ways to view mental health within the sales org. He is helping others to uncover the triggers that alter our moods on a daily basis and implement new techniques to counter the negative effects and in turn use that energy and emotion to increase productivity.”

Account Executive, Freshbooks


“Jeff’s workshop not only provided information on what is causing sales people to struggle with their mental Health but also provide excellent plans for coping and overcoming. I would highly recommend this workshop to all sales professionals whether they are struggling with mental health issues or not.”

Sales Director, XTalks


“The workshop today was engaging, well-executed and provided actionable insights I can take to my team immediately. This is a must attend for anyone in sales, especially those leading teams. If you’re a manager that wants to increase productivity, empathy and results, I don’t see any reason this wouldn’t be an extremely valuable 2 hours.”

Founder, HiredHippo

Online Course – Improve Sales Performance Through Better Mental Health

“Jeff made the workshop very approachable and did a great job explaining the stressful aspects of sales that I think many sales reps overlook as distressing problems. I liked that Jeff provided easy, actionable tools to use and felt really prepared to take care of myself when I’m facing a lot of rejection or struggling to hit certain targets.”

Business Development Lead, Inkblot Therapy


“Jeff’s workshop was great. Lots of perfectly distilled content and actionable insights. As we look to scale out our team this year, I’ll keep Jeff in mind for when the time is right to ensure our team is setup for success.”

Director of Sales, The Streaming Network


“Jeff knocked this workshop out of the park. He kept this human and kept us engaged. Mental Health is hard, and needs to be talked about more. Workshops like this allow for attendees to return to their teams and have open table talks and put new processes in place to take better care of their own and their report’s mental health. “Happiness = success. Not the other way around.”

Solutions Development Manager, Dynamic Connections


“With his knowledge, clarity and experience Jeff Riselay is tackling one of the most important issues in our post-modern world of work. It is responsible, right and profitable to consider how mental health affects valued employees and ourselves as we try to get the most out of our time and lives, and Jeff provides useful strategies to shift in the direction of greater inner-ease and efficiency.”

Account Executive, In-transition

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